2023 Aer Lingus Baggage Allowance & Baggage Fees

Check Aer Lingus Baggage Size Restrictions, Plus Baggage Fees Before You Fly

Aer Lingus Baggage Allowance
Aer Lingus Hand Luggage and Checked Baggage Allowance

Send Your Luggage

You don't need to worry about going over Aer Lingus's baggage allowance if you just send all of your luggage to your destination instead of lugging it behind you throughout your journey. Find out how cost effective it is to send your luggage, especially as you will avoid the hassle of paying excess baggage fees. Your luggage won't cause you any hassle at all, in fact; you can simply have it waiting for you at your hotel when you arrive.

Aer Lingus Carry-On Baggage Allowance:

Passengers on Aer Lingus flights are allowed to carry one small personal item, such as a handbag or laptop, with maximum dimensions of 25 x 33 x 20 cm free of charge. 

An additional carry on bag of 48x33x20cm and up to 10kg in weight can be purchased separately with Priority Boarding online (from €5.99).  

The 10kg carry on bag is also included for AerClub (Silver, Platinum and Concierge members), certain fare Types (Plus, Advantage, Aer Credit Card, AerSpace and Economy purchased via British Airways)  and adults traveling with an infant 

Aer Lingus Children's Hand Luggage

Infants under two years of age do not have their own cabin baggage allowance; any luggage for the child's use forms part of the accompanying adult's allowance.  Adult's travelling with an infant receive a 10kg carry  on allowance 48x33x20cm as well as the standard personal item.

What If My Aer Lingus Carry-On Is Overweight/ Oversized?

If your hand luggage is too heavy or too large, it must be checked into the hold at a charge of €35.

Aer Lingus Carry On and Musical Instruments

You can bring smaller instruments on board as standard hand luggage, provided they fit within the permitted dimensions and weight restrictions. For medium-sized instruments you may purchase an additional (window) seat. This item must not exceed 75 kg or 94 x 58 x 41 cm.

Aer Lingus Hand Luggage Prohibited Items:

Items not allowed in your Aer Lingus hand luggage include:

Sharp objects like an axe or box cutters

Guns or other firearms

Stunning devices

Toxic substances.

Aer Lingus Checked Baggage Allowance and Baggage Fees

When travelling on a transatlantic flight, on an ‘Economy Smart/ Flex’ fare, 1 x 23 kg bag is permitted free of charge, with maximum dimensions of 158 cm. It costs €75 for second and subsequent bags.

Saver fares on transatlantic flights always incur a fee to check baggage.

How much luggage you are allowed to check with Aer Lingus depends on whether you are travelling within Europe or on a transatlantic flight, and how far you are travelling (i.e. near, mid or far routes).

The following charges are applicable when travelling within Europe, on a ‘Saver’ fare:

Near Routes:

Medium: one bag at 20 kg - €25

Large: one bag at 25 kg - €30

Xtra large: 40 kg across two bags - €65

Mid Routes:

Medium: one bag at 20 kg - €40

Large: one bag at 25 kg - €45

Xtra large: 40 kg across two bags - €70

Far Routes:

Medium: one bag at 20 kg - €55

Large: one bag at 25 kg - €60

Xtra large: 40 kg across two bags - €85

If you do not pre-book your baggage allowance online you will need to pay airport baggage charges to check in luggage:

20 kg on near routes: €35

20 kg on mid routes: €50

20 kg on far routes: €65

Aer Lingus Excess Baggage Fees

You would be expected to pay €10 per kilo of excess luggage on flights within Europe and €75 per overweight piece on long-haul flights.

Aer Lingus Checked Baggage and Exceptional Items

You are permitted to check sports equipment into the hold but are only allowed one item per person, with no item exceeding 23 kg in weight.

On transatlantic flights, a sports item can be checked as part of your free baggage allowance, but if this brings you over your free allowance, a fee of €75 applies, one way.

On flights within Europe the fee for checking sports equipment is €40, one way, if paid online, or €50 at the airport or by telephone. Some items, such as bicycles, must be booked by telephone. These items incur a charge of €50. Sports equipment is carried for free for Business Class passengers.

Musical instruments under 55 x 40 x 24 cm can be carried as hand luggage, and larger items, such as a guitar, can be carried on board if an additional, window, seat is purchased for it. Even larger items can be checked into the hold, on payment of a special handling fee of €40, or €50 by phone/ at the airport .

Information correct as of 14/03/2023

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Aer Lingus Baggage News

01/09/2017: No-Frills Transatlantic Flights

In October 2017 Aer Lingus' passengers travelling across the Atlantic on a 'Saver' ticket will no longer receive little in-flight 'luxuries' such as blankets and headphones for free. Nor will they know in advance which seat they will be occupying, nor will they be allowed to check a bag free of charge.

'Saver' passengers will have to fit all of their luggage into a 10 kg hand luggage allowance. This sounds a little tricky given that most passengers travelling across the Atlantic tend to stay at their destination for at least a week and will, therefore, struggle to fit all they need into this small baggage allowance.

If you are tempted by Aer Lingus' 'Saver' fare but you need to have more luggage with you, you could just send all of your luggage with Send My Bag. This works out well for those who are relocating across the Atlantic and who have too much luggage to make any of Aer Lingus' higher fares cost-effective for them. Passengers who are relocating can then take advantage of the 'Saver' fare for their own transport, while their luggage is taken care of for them by Send My Bag.

Aer Lingus News

05/05/2020: Aer Lingus Flight Packed from Belfast to London

An Aer Lingus flight to London Heathrow departed from Belfast City Airport on Monday 4 May with “no social distancing” whatsoever according to one passenger. The flight is said to have operated at 95% capacity.

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Baggage at a glance
Aer Lingus Carry-On Allowance

One personal item included free of charge

25 x 33 x 20 cm

One 10kg bag  included with priority boarding and certain fare types.


Aer Lingus Checked Baggage Allowance

Fees apply, according to weight and route

€10 per kg excess baggage within Europe; €75 per overweight piece on transatlantic flights