Air Canada Suspends All US Flights

Thursday, 23 Apr 2020

Air Canada Suspends All US Flights

Air Canada have announced they will suspend all flights between the USA and Canada for 4 weeks after the U.S. and Canadian governments’ decision to extend the border closure for another month.

The carrier was previously servicing a limited number of flights to the U.S. in order to repatriate Canadian citizens but will now cease all operations to the country for the first time in 80 years, excluding the days following 9/11. 

Montreal-based Air Canada have reduced their overall flying capacity by more than 90% since mid-March due to COVID-19.

WestJet and Porter Airlines, Air Canada’s main rivals, have also ceased operations across the border until June 4 and June 1 respectively. 

With Air Canada not resuming flights until 22 May, the only options for air travel between Canada and the U.S. will be with U.S. carriers American Airlines, Delta, and United Airlines.

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