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NUS Extra International Student Identity Card (ISIC) Student Advantage

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We have exclusive offers for college students, including a 10% discount when you sign up with an ISIC US or Student Advantage Card number. If you don’t have one of these cards but want to claim student discount on shipping your bags to uni, grab a #SMBstudents number which gives you 5% off all our excess luggage shipping services.  To join #SMBstudents simply tweet @SendMyBag  or write on our Facebook wall, be sure to tag your college and include the hashtag #SMBstudents. If you're logged into twitter now you can tweet a using the box directly above this text!

The very first Send My Bag™ website proudly displayed a No.1 for Students banner, some years on we work with the top student organisations worldwide. You can rest assured that we're committed to providing the No.1 student shipping service worldwide and getting your college baggage to you on time hassle free.

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Easy experience from start to finish.
User friendly website. The suitcase was collected on a Thurs and delivered to Spain on the Tues at a very reasonable cost. Will definitely recommend. 👍

Why do more students choose Send My Bag™ than any other student shipping service?

We started delivering student luggage to universities in 2006, from porter's lodges in Oxford to receptions in NYU. The universities know our service and how it works.

Best price guarantee, customer support designed for students  - live chat 7 days / week and local rate phone support available to 10pm weekdays and at weekends - , FREE label holders (sent by mail -  order at least 1 week in advance), awesome independent reviews, free complimentary cover on every bag, Student Advantage and ISIC US discount - #SMBstudents discount available to every student!

Since our beginnings sending luggage for college students, Send My Bag™ has grown to a global leader in luggage shipping.  Recent research has found that Send My Bag™ prices beat airline baggage charges and our money saving, hassle-eliminating service is being talked about everywhere from Fortune magazine to The Financial Times.

Moving away to college, whether it’s within the US or abroad, is one of the most exciting times of your life, and we want to help to make it as easy as possible. Send My Bag™ is a student luggage shipping provider and student removals expert which can send your excess college baggage worldwide, offering fantastic savings vs. checked baggage charges.

When you’re moving into the next stage of your education, things can start to get stressful; you’re thinking about the new place you’re going to be living and the new people you’ll be meeting, the last thing that’s on your mind is wrestling with your airline's student baggage allowance. Let us take care of it for you and move everything from home to your dorm the easy way.


Student Removals


There can be high costs associated with taking all your baggage to college on flights, whether they’re domestic or international, and even taking your boxes and bags in cars or on the train for a short distance can be hassle that you just don’t need. Send My Bag™ provides excellent value shipping that will deliver your student necessities door to door in next to no time. All you need to do is empty your room into sturdy bags or reinforced cardboard boxes, ensuring there’s nothing breakable inside them, book your delivery online at Send My Bag™ using the quick quote tool for an estimation on delivery dates and prices, and your bags and boxes will be collected and waiting for you at your student accommodation.


Student Shipping


Students taking Gap Years are heading abroad for extended periods of time more and more frequently. Many will quickly come to discover the issues and high costs associated with taking luggage abroad with them. Whether it’s simply due to a heavy backpack on a budget airline to Thailand, or a couple of large suitcases travelling with you to the UK for a year of study abroad, you are constantly being slammed with excess baggage fees.

Your best option might be to use our student shipping service to send your bags on ahead, meaning that everything will be where you need it when you need it, without you having to break the bank to get it there. Whether you want to send an extra bag packed with college stuff from the East to the West Coast, or as far afield as Australia where you’ll be starting off your Gap Year tour, nothing is too big a problem for Send My Bag™. And not only will you be saving on any extra or extortionate fees from the airline by student shipping, you’ll also save on the hassle of carting heavy bags around the airport, to and from your accommodation, and even save time by not having to wait at check in to drop your baggage off or at the luggage carousel at the other end to pick it up all over again.

With our handy quick quote tool, you’ll be able to estimate the amount that student shipping will cost you to send your bags wherever you need them, even if you think it’s an especially far-flung destination. All you need to do is select your student shipping pick up date with our couriers online and ensure that you’ve packed your bags properly with nothing that’s restricted in the country you’ll be travelling. With everything appropriately  labelled, we’ll do the rest. It couldn’t be simpler.


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