Can I lock my bag?

We recommend you secure your bag with a cable tie (where you would normally place a padlock), as a cable tie can be cut away without damaging the bag if your shipment needs to be inspected.

Padlocked bags will normally be refused by the collecting driver. If your bag includes a TSA lock we do not recommend setting it.

If a bag requires inspection for any reason, our courier partner or customs authorities may break locks without notice, but will more often hold the shipment until the combination is provided or authorisation given to break the lock, which can result in transit delays.

If your bag is locked (including combination and TSA locks) Send My Bag will be unable to accept responsibility for any delays caused due to the bag being locked, damage to the shipment caused by locks being removed, or replace broken / missing locks.

Many customers will also wrap their bag in plastic such as shrink wrap, cling film, or saran wrap for protection, please be aware for security purposes drivers may request to be shown the contents of any bag. If you have wrapped the bag, there is a possibility you will be required to remove the wrap. For these reasons, we recommend securely attaching your labels separately to any wrapping.

Please do not use exterior pockets unless they can also be secured with a cable tie; all contents should be sealed within the main bag.

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