How should I prepare my bag for transport? Can I send boxes or use other types of packaging?

We accept suitcases, double walled cardboard boxes and freight approved hard cases for sporting goods.

As your items will travel through an automated network, be loaded and unloaded between multiple vehicles and travel down sorting chutes, we are unable to accept single walled cardboard boxes, plastic boxes, plastic bags, laundry bags, bin liners or similar items.

Additional information on preparing sporting goods and musical instruments.


Hard shell suitcases vary greatly by manufacturer and many are made to be lightweight at the expense of the amount of protection they offer, it is our recommendation to opt for a soft sided suitcase when available.

As our service is door to door we recommend suitcases are wrapped to protect the suitcase and contents from rain. A wrap will also help secure loose handles or straps, and protect your bag against scuffs and bumps as it travels through the automated network.

Send My Bag cannot be held responsible for damage to unprotected bags, no high value suitcases please.

Due to their inability to protect contents, straps which can become trapped in the automated network and their inability to be stacked; Holdalls, Duffles are Rucksacks are no longer considered appropriate packaging by a number of our transport partners. These items should not be used as packaging on any route on which an alert warns they are no longer accepted. If such items are placed in a box they will be accepted. If sending Holdalls, Duffles or Rucksacks on any other route they should be fully wrapped to ensure straps do not get caught as they move through the network.

For customs and security reasons please do not lock your bag, instead secure it with a cable tie, further information on locking your bag can be found here.

If your suitcase has a pull handle please secure it in place with tape to ensure it does not slide out and become damaged whilst in transit.

"Spinner" style wheels have become popular in recent years however in our experience while they offer mobility on the ground they are often not particularly sturdy, if using a spinner-style suitcase we recommend opting for one with recessed wheels.


Boxes must be sturdy double walled cardboard boxes designed to hold the weight packed. Boxes should be secured by running tape across the folded flaps at the top and bottom, as well as in a loop around the box from back to front and from side to side. We also suggest running tape along the seams of boxes. Only taping across the folded flaps is not sufficient. If you have access to plastic wrap, wrapping your box will also reinforce it (this is a particularly good idea for heavier boxes over 15kgs) and protect it against rain when moving outside.

Whilst Send My Bag doesn’t sell boxes directly or endorse any manufacturer, for UK customers we’ve found that Amazon provide good value double walled cardboard boxes in a range of sizes. For our 30kg service, the 457mm x 457mm x 457mm size boxes are probably best.

It is important items are secured within your box so they cannot move around and become damaged in transit, our 'What can I send?' question contains more information on items which are not recommended to be sent on the service such as glass and porcelain.


With a generous 30kg weight allowance, the average Send My Bag suitcase can be quite a bit heavier than the average bag checked with an airline. While manufacturers may advertise their luggage can hold 30kgs or more, please take a moment to check you are confident the zips and carry handles will definitely hold the weight packed. Our drivers will lift suitcases by the handles and during processing bags will slide down sorting chutes. If your suitcase is not designed to hold the weight your handles, wheels or hard shell may be damaged.

If you send an over-packed box or bag which bursts open Send My Bag cannot be held liable for any damage or loss. Send My Bag services are great value, if one item is really heavy why not split it across two bags?

Vacuum bags should not be used, if you choose to use a vacuum bag and your bag is selected for inspection it may not be possible to easily repack your bag. This could lead to damage to the bag and contents, or extra charges should some items need to be sent in an additional package. Send My Bag is unable to compensate for any damage or loss when vacuum bags have been used.

Please do not strap more than one bag or box together. If one item became detached in transit, it will leave only one piece having a tracking label attached resulting in the possible loss of the unlabelled item. Send My Bag will be unable to accept responsibility for the loss of unlabelled items.

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