Can I send sports equipment such as a bike, golf clubs, skis, snowboards or surfboards?

Yes! All kinds of sports equipment is sent through the Send My Bag network every day, the service is used by professional sportspeople and those taking sporting holidays worldwide.


We strongly recommend your bike, golf clubs, skis, snowboards, surfboards and all other sports equipment is packaged thoroughly in line with manufacturer guidelines and sent inside a freight approved hard travel case. Send My Bag cover can only apply when your equipment is sent in such a case, if your equipment is sent packaged in any other way please ensure your sports or travel insurance has you fully covered.

If a freight approved case is not available, placing the equipment first in a standard soft sided or hardshell carry case and then securely packaging this case within a double walled cardboard box is recommended. For carry cases that may not fit in a standard square box, such as golf clubs or skis, you'll find many online stores selling cardboard boxes specifically designed for these items.

If you do not have a carry case we recommend packaging your sports equipment extensively with bubble wrap and other suitable packaging materials before securing it inside a double walled cardboard box. When items such as bikes are placed inside boxes without sufficient packaging the handles or pedals may push out through the box and become damaged. Extra protection should also be added to any points that may be particularly susceptible to damage, for example wrapping golf club heads with towels to ensure they cannot move around, or covering the fins on a surfboard with foam blocks. Your sports equipment will travel on automated belts and slide down sorting chutes and you must ensure it is thoroughly packaged.

Send My Bag cannot assess the suitability of your packaging and it is the sender's responsibility to package the sports equipment thoroughly and appropriately. Golf clubs placed within a standard golf bag which is in turn placed inside a soft carry case will be accepted, but Send My Bag cover will not apply. Other sporting equipment sent in a soft sided case may be rejected by the collecting driver, if it is accepted this is not an acknowledgement that the packaging is sufficient and complimentary cover does not apply.

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