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Can I send food?

The following are strictly prohibited on all routes; fruit & vegetables, dairy products (including chocolate and dried products containing dairy such as protein powder), meat, fish, nuts, seeds and perishable products of any kind.

Confectionery and other dry foodstuffs (not containing dairy and not of animal origin) such as sweets / candy, crisps / chips, cookies / biscuits are typically permitted for entry into most countries.

All liquid, paste and gel based foodstuffs are strictly prohibited on international express services (including all services to and from the USA).

Small amounts of liquids such as olive oil (alcohol based and flammable liquids are not acceptable) can be sent on standard services within the EU and on UK & US domestic services.

Individual customs authorities may reject and return packages containing any foodstuffs not permitted for entry into their country at their discretion, or in some cases, again at their discretion, they may remove and dispose of the offending item, as such we recommend checking the destination’s customs website for more information.

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