Can I ship batteries?

We cannot accept shipments containing loose batteries of any kind or power banks.

Lithium batteries can only be sent when they are securely installed within small electrical devices such as phones, tablets and laptops. We permit a maximum of one such item per shipment, the battery power must also be less than 100Wh (Watt Hours) and the weight of the electrical device with the battery installed must not exceed 5kgs.

Lithium batteries must not be sent if the electrical device or battery itself is known, or suspected, to be damaged or defective. Any products containing Lithium batteries which have been recalled from a retailer or manufacturer for any reason must also not be sent.

Strict security protocols exist surrounding the shipping of batteries within unaccompanied luggage and any person or company identified as the shipper on the supplied shipping documents is legally responsible to ensure 100% compliance with the above information. Failure to do so may result in the bag being removed from transit by regulatory authorities.

Some countries take the above policy further and prohibit the sending of all lithium batteries, if Send My Bag is aware of such a policy a route alert will be displayed, for example Australia does not currently permit any batteries to be sent to or from the country within unaccompanied luggage.

Do not risk sending prohibited items, ALL shipments are x-rayed and are subject to security searches. If you include prohibited items your shipment will not be loaded to an aircraft and will be returned to you. No refund will be provided for shipments returned under these circumstances and a £25 security processing fee will be due before your shipment can be recollected. In some cases your shipment could also be seized and action taken against you by the FAA or other authorities.

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