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The Bahamas is a Caribbean archipelago made up of over 700 islands, located in the Atlantic Ocean, off the south-east coast of Florida. These are coral islands, with the Bahamas boasting the third longest barrier reef in the world. After 325 years under British rule, the Bahamas became a free and sovereign state in 1973. The country has a population of 305, 000 people, most of whom live on New Providence Island. The Bahamas’ crystal clear waters, sandy beaches and warm temperatures make it a very popular vacation destination. To find out about Send My Bag’s shipping service to the Bahamas, please read on:

  1. Why Ship to the Bahamas?
  2. Ways of Shipping to the Bahamas
  3. Customs - Personal Effects Information
  4. What can I send to Bahamas? What items are restricted?
  5. Items excluded from cover
  6. About the Bahamas


Duffles, holdalls, rucksacks and similar bags cannot currently be sent on the Express service, at present only suitcases and boxes can travel Express. If a Standard service is available duffle bags, holdalls and rucksacks can be sent on the Standard service.
Shipments bound for international destinations from the states of Idaho, Montana & Wyoming may require drop off to a third party agent and take an additional 2 working days in transit on top of the quoted transit time. Please contact us for further information.

Why Ship to the Bahamas?

You may be traveling to the Bahamas on vacation, or for a very special honeymoon or wedding anniversary. You will want to bring plenty of outfits to keep you looking fresh and chic throughout your stay. If you are having trouble fitting your items within your airline’s baggage allowance, why not send your luggage to the Bahamas with Send My Bag, so you don’t need to worry about facing excess baggage charges at the airport?

If you are a student going on spring break in the Bahamas, you will probably want to take part in some water sports. You can easily do this using your own equipment, by shipping it to the Bahamas with Send My Bag. Your sports equipment can be sent to your hotel, ready for you to pick up and use. Send My Bag can then collect your items again at the end of your vacation.

Ways of Shipping to the Bahamas

If you are going on a beach vacation or an activity vacation in the Bahamas, or if you are moving to the Bahamas to live, you should investigate the many options available for shipping to the Bahamas. Some options will be more suitable for you than others. You can choose from a number of options for international shipping to the Bahamas. Here are some of them below:

Send Luggage to the Bahamas

No matter if you are going to the Bahamas for a romantic break, or if you are fortunate enough to be moving to the Bahamas for good, you can send your luggage and boxes with Send My Bag. Knowing that your luggage is being taken care, you can fully enjoy your journey to the Bahamas by avoiding the hassle of dragging heavy bags behind you through airports and onto buses. To learn more about sending luggage to the Bahamas, visit our ‘How it works’ page, or our ‘FAQs’.

Send golf clubs to the Bahamas

A vacation in the Bahamas is not just about lying on the beach; golf enthusiasts can also enjoy a round or two of golf. The top-rated golf courses include Paradise Island Golf Club, the Ocean Club on New Providence Island and Abaco Club on Winding Bay. Several of the hotel resorts on the islands provide golf courses. You can enjoy golf in this beautiful location using your very own golf clubs, by shipping them to the Bahamas with Send My Bag. Other than being able to use equipment that is familiar to you, you can also avoid having to wait around at bag drop or luggage carousels, or having to drag large golf bags behind you. See more information on how to send golf clubs with Send My Bag, including how to best package your golf clubs.

send your bike to the Bahamas

The Bahamas caters perfectly for road cyclists, given its gentle terrain. What better way to explore the island you are staying on than by taking a leisurely bike ride? Send your bike to the Bahamas and enjoy using the bike you love. Your bike will be waiting for you at your accommodation when you arrive. Your bike needs to be taken apart and safely packaged up before being sent to the Bahamas. Check out our information on bike shipping to learn more.

Removals to the Bahamas

If you are relocating to the beautiful Bahamas, you will no doubt be looking into international removals to the Bahamas in order to transport your belongings there. Make sure you trust your removal company by researching them thoroughly and don’t hand any items over before they are safely and securely packaged up.

student shipping to the Bahamas

You might decide to take your degree course in the Bahamas, at the College of the Bahamas in Nassau, and enjoy the beautiful surroundings at the same time. Send My Bag can send your possessions to your student accommodation, making your move an easy one. Send My Bag can help you ship everything you need to the Bahamas, from books, to writing materials, to clothes. Read more about student shipping on our student page and find out how to claim your student discount.

Sending a parcel to the Bahamas

Sending a parcel to the Bahamas with Send My Bag is a great idea if you don’t have so many items to send. A friend or family member can send you forgotten belongings to the Bahamas, or they can also use the service to send you gifts or care packages. Make sure you pick a sturdy box when sending a parcel to the Bahamas, and seal it up well so nothing gets damaged in transit. Read more about sending a parcel and find out what you can send with Send My Bag and how to package your items.

If you want to send more than parcels, baggage and luggage to the Bahamas, you could consider the following options for shipping items internationally, particularly if you need to send bulky items like a dining table or a canoe:

Air Freight to the Bahamas

If you have items ? such as dining chairs or a TV stand? that you want to get to the Bahamas, you could think about air freight. This normally takes one or two days, making it a quick service. It can be quite expensive, though, with costs increasing as your shipment size increases. You will probably also have to pay for a customs agent to sort customs clearance for you. Another expense to consider is getting your items to and from the airport, which means the price of using air freight could quickly mount up. If you send internationally by air freight to Bahamas your items will likely arrive at an airport such as Nassau, Freeport or Exuma International Airports.

Sea Freight and Container Shipping to the Bahamas

An alternative means of shipping large bulky items to the Bahamas is sea freight or container shipping. Sea freight shipping to the Bahamas can take a number of weeks, but it’s a good option if you don’t need your belongings immediately, given that it tends to be cheaper than air freight. However, you will still need to pay for the services of a customs agent and will need to arrange transport for your items to and from the ports. When using container shipping to the Bahamas, your items will most likely arrive by ship at one of the major sea ports, such as Nassau or Freeport.

Shipping Goods to the Bahamas

You need to research current customs rules when shipping goods to the Bahamas. You should be aware of any duty that you need to pay and what items are permitted to be shipped to the Bahamas, which items are restricted, and which are entirely prohibited. Read the section below on ‘What can I send to the Bahamas? What items are restricted?’


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Important Bahamas Customs Information

Shipments with a fair value over $50 will take an additional 24hrs to process. You may be required to visit the local customs office to clear the shipment.

General Customs Information

Because the majority of countries offer consignees a duty-free allowance for personal effects, most Send My Bag shipments are not stopped by customs. Personal effects are normally viewed as used items that have been in the sender's possession for 6 months or more.

So that customs officials know that your shipment consists of personal effects, you must create a short non-generic packing list online, to be completed as follows: "5 x Cotton Shirts, 2 x Pairs of Plastic Flip Flops, 3 x Pairs Leather Sandals", etc., rather than as "10 x Used Clothing".

If local customs find brand new or commercial items in your shipment, they may assess what you are sending for customs duties and taxes. If you are shipping Christmas gifts to the Bahamas please check with local customs so you are aware of any customs duties that need to be paid, follow any advice given and attach all documentation required of you.

Because different countries have different customs processes and allowances, we advise travelers to take 5 minutes to see how their personal circumstances and what they are sending will be viewed under current Bahamian customs regulations.

Further information is available on our customs information page.

What can I send to Bahamas? What items are restricted?

With Send My Bag™ you can travel with almost everything you would normally find in a vacation suitcase.  For security and customs reasons, however, certain items are prohibited.  Please find these listed below.

  • Aerosols or any other pressurised containers;
  • Liquids, Pastes and Gels of any type (including nail varnish and perfume);
  • Toner Cartridges;
  • Loose Batteries & Power Banks;
  • No more than 1 device containing a battery in line with our battery policy;
  • Animals and Animal products;
  • Firearms and firearm parts, ammunition, explosives, weapons (including imitations and toys of same);
  • Flowers and plant products;
  • Human remains or ashes;
  • Medical samples;
  • Items that require a temperature controlled environment;
  • Pornography;
  • Prescription drugs and pharmaceutical products;
  • Tobacco;
  • Religious Artefacts
  • Foodstuffs, perishable, animal origin and controlled food articles and beverages including, but not limited to: Fruit & vegetables, dairy products (including dried products containing dairy such as protein powder), meat, fish, nuts, seeds, wine, beer, spirits and champagne; or
  • Packages that are wet, leaking or emit an odour of any kind;
  • Valuables and high value items including but not limited to antiques, paintings, jewellery, precious stones and electrical equipment (low value electrical equipment is permitted but sent at the owner's risk);
  • Cash or other forms of tradeable currency;
  • Credit cards;
  • Passports or other confidential personal documentation;
  • Irreplaceable items;
  • Other Dangerous / hazardous goods;
  • Counterfeit goods;
  • Other illegal or restricted goods.

More information is available under section 11 of our terms of service.

Items excluded from cover

The following items will be accepted but are sent at your risk and are not included under complimentary cover:

  • Electrical Items, including but not limited to; Tablets, Cell Phones, Computers, Hi-Fis, TVs.
  • Glass & Porcelain.
  • Any other non standard excess baggage items.

If you choose to send any of the above please ensure you package the item appropriately, for example a TV inside a suitcase is not appropriate.

About the Bahamas

About the Bahamas

The climate in the Bahamas is pretty steady throughout the year. Between September and May, temperatures sit at around 21 - 24°C (70-75°F), which is slightly cooler than the summer months, when temperatures are around 27-29°C (80-85°F) and the humidity is higher.

The Bahamas make an excellent vacation destination for those interested in water sports, given its clear water and inviting temperatures. Activities on offer include jet skiing, kiteboarding, kayaking, snorkeling, canoeing and even swimming with dolphins.

The Bahamas does not just offer stunning scenery and excellent beach vacations. There are also a number of historic sights to visit, predominantly in the capital of Nassau on New Providence Island. These include Fort Fincastle and Fort Charlotte, which provide insight to what it was like to protect the island in the late 18th and early 19th century. Nassau is also home to the Queen’s Staircase, created out of the limestone landscape between 1793 and 1794 and named in honor of Queen Victoria. 

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