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The Emerald Isle, full of myth and legend, is a wonderful destination for a nice weekend break away, a scenic adventure holiday or even a hen or stag do. Ireland is a beautiful island bursting with history just waiting to be explored, from the dramatic wildness of County Donegal to the lively city of Dublin. To find out about Send My Bag’s shipping service to Ireland please read on:

  1. Why Ship to Ireland?
  2. Ways of Shipping to Ireland
  3. Customs - Personal Effects Information
  4. Customs - Gifts Information
  5. What can I send to Ireland? What items are restricted?
  6. Items excluded from cover
  7. About Ireland


If shipping "Personal Effects" a €20 personal effects clearance fee is payable directly to our courier partner prior to delivery being attempted.
Duffles, holdalls, rucksacks and similar bags cannot currently be sent on this route, at present only suitcases and boxes can be accepted.
Brexit: The UK has left the EU, find out what this means for shipping between the UK and Europe including information on customs and shipping food and cosmetics here.

Why Ship to Ireland?

With so much to see and do in Ireland, you may find yourself with a bit too much excess baggage to bring on the plane with you and even too much to fit into your car, along with your passengers. There is nothing worse than lugging around heavy equipment or paying high fees to have the airline store it in the hold for you, or sitting on top of luggage in the car when travelling by ferry. So why not use Send My Bag to take these awkward, heavy and bulky items for you, hassle free. We pick up from your home and drop off at your destination, ready and waiting for you.

For those who like the great outdoors, your rock climbing equipment, kayaks or even mountain bikes can seem like a bit of a hassle when you travel, but by using Send My Bag you can cut out all the hard work. Let us take your heavy walking boots or camping gear and all the stress of awkward baggage.

Our carrier service is also great for students that are relocating to Ireland to study, or to complete a year abroad to improve their English language skills. Being able to ship their possessions to Ireland makes it a lot easier for students to transition to a new way of life abroad. 

Ways of Shipping to Ireland

If you are going to Ireland on holiday – perhaps for an activity break spent cycling or hiking - or if you are moving to Ireland to study or to live, you will need to bring your possessions with you somehow. To make a decision about how best to do this, you should be aware of the various options available for shipping items to Ireland. Here are some of them below:

Send Luggage to Ireland

An easy option is to send your luggage and boxes to Ireland with Send My Bag. This is a great solution if you are going on an activity break to Ireland and you need to bring lots of warm clothing or sporting equipment. Students can also benefit from being able to bring more of their possessions with them than they could bring on a plane. Send My Bag takes care of your luggage for you, allowing you to focus on exploring Ireland. To find out more about sending luggage to Ireland, visit our ‘How it works’ page, or our ‘FAQs’.

Send golf clubs to Ireland

Golf is a popular sport in Ireland, which is shown in the vast number of golf courses in the country. If you like golf you have got to sample Ireland’s courses. Some of the best include Ballybunion, Lahinch and Portmarnock. You don’t have to rent golf clubs when you are there, but can ship your own club with Send My Bag. This will allow you to travel without being weighed down by heavy clubs. You can also avoid oversized baggage fees from your airlines by sending your golf clubs. Read more about how to send golf clubs with Send My Bag, including how best to pack up your golf clubs.

send your bike to Ireland

Ireland’s lush green countryside and many lakes make a beautiful backdrop for cycling holidays. If you want to enjoy a cycling holiday in Ireland, you can send your bicycle with Send My Bag to your first hotel and then cycle through Ireland, stopping off at hotels along the way. At the end of the holiday Send My Bag can pick up your bike and send it home for you. Sending your bike to Ireland is much easier than checking it into the hold of your plane. You will avoid oversized baggage fees and won't have to carry the bike to and from the airport. Your bike will need to be taken apart and properly packaged before being sent to Ireland. Check out our information on bike shipping to learn more.

Removals to Ireland

If you are thinking of moving to Ireland permanently, or if you are considering accepting a lengthy work contract there, you will have to consider international removals to Ireland in order to take your possessions with you. Before you give anything to the movers, however, do pack everything up carefully so that it all arrives in one piece.

student shipping to Ireland

Ireland is a popular destination among international students. Ireland has a number of top-class universities, including Trinity College Dublin, University College Dublin and University College Cork. If you are a student moving to Ireland to study, you will need to bring a lot of possessions with you, such as your course textbooks and many other everyday items, like clothes and DVDs, so shipping your possessions is a useful option. Read more about student shipping on our student removals page and find out how to receive your student discount.

Sending a parcel to Ireland

It’s easy to send a parcel to Ireland with Send My Bag. This is a good option if you leave some items at home when you move to Ireland. You can just ask a friend or family member to put the forgotten items in a box and send them on to you. Or, friends can send you care packages to help remind you of home. Make sure you choose a sturdy box when sending a parcel to Ireland and tape it up well so nothing gets damaged in transit. Find out more about sending a parcel and learn what you can send with Send My Bag and how to package your items.

If you want to send more than parcels, baggage and luggage to Ireland, you could try the following options for shipping items internationally, especially if you need to send large items like a snooker table or an armchair:

Air Freight to Ireland

If sending large bulky items you could try air freight, which usually takes one to two days. This can be quite an expensive option. The amount you pay is determined by the weight and size of your shipment. You will probably also have to pay for the services of a customs agent to look after customs clearance for you. You also need to think about the cost of getting your items to and from the airport. The price could, therefore, quickly mount up. If you send internationally by air freight to Ireland your items will likely arrive at Dublin, Shannon or Cork airports.

Sea Freight and Container Shipping to Ireland

For sending bulky items you could opt instead for sea freight or container shipping to transport your possessions to Ireland. Since sea freight can take a number of weeks, it is best if you don’t need to receive your items immediately. This option can be cheaper than air freight, but you will still need to use the services of a customs agent and will need to arrange how to get your items to and from the ports. This means the cost could be more than expected. When using container shipping to Ireland, your items will likely arrive at the port in Cork or Dublin.

Shipping Goods to Ireland

You must make yourself aware of current customs rules when shipping goods to Ireland. Make sure you know about any duty that you need to pay and what items are allowed to be shipped to Ireland, which items are restricted, and which are entirely prohibited. Take a look at the section below on ‘What can I send to Ireland? What items are restricted?’


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Important Ireland Customs Information

Shipments of used personal effects require a copy of the owner’s passport and a copy of their inbound flight ticket to Ireland dated within 12 months of the shipment’s arrival in Ireland, or their outbound flight ticket from Ireland dated within 18 months of the shipment's arrival in Ireland to be uploaded to their Send My Bag account to demonstrate to customs that they have travelled between Ireland and the country they are shipping from.

If you are sending sports equipment to Ireland you must also complete the personal effects form available in your account and email it to Send My Bag.

For returning Irish residents who have been outside of the country for more than one year, customs may request further information to confirm their transfer of residence.  This is normally an employment letter or rental agreement to confirm their residence in the country they were living in, and the same documentation to confirm their new residence in Ireland.  Send My Bag will contact the consignee should this information be requested by customs.

General Customs Information

Most countries offer a generous duty free allowance for personal effects and the majority of Send My Bag shipments worldwide will not be stopped by customs.

Items that have been in your possession for more than 6 months usually qualify as personal effects. If your bag is stopped by Irish customs and officials find brand new or commercial items your shipment may be assessed for customs duties and taxes. Please keep this in mind when sending Christmas gifts. You should check with Irish customs so you are aware of potential customs duties, follow any advice given and attach all necessary documentation.

To show that you are sending only personal effects, you will be required to complete a brief non-generic packing list online, which should be filled out as follows: "1 x Leather Jacket, 3 x Pairs of Socks, 6 x Cotton Blouse", and so on, rather than as "10 x Used Clothing".

When a bag is stopped by customs for any reason (missing documentation, prohibited contents, commercial contents or further information required) Send My Bag™ records how long customs hold it for. Our historical statistics for this route indicate that if the customs authority stops your bag they will on average take 2 days to process it and release it back to us for delivery.

Customs processes and allowances do vary by country and so we advise all travellers to take 5 minutes to check how their personal circumstances and what they are sending will be assessed under prevailing Irish customs regulations.

More information is available on our customs information page.

Shipping Gifts

Ireland allows correctly declared gifts to enter the country duty free provided the value does not exceed €45. Irish customs advise they will not collect VAT amounting to €6 or less should the declared value be more than €45.

Our courier partner will also charge an extra 5€ fee for each additional line on the packing list once more than 5 lines are entered.

The consignee is responsible for payment of any duties, VAT, and courier handling fees.

What can I send to Ireland? What items are restricted?

With Send My Bag™ you can travel with almost everything you would normally find in a holiday suitcase however for security and customs reasons certain items are prohibited.

On EU standard services (not express) and all UK and US domestic services you may send:

  • Shower gel.
  • Toothpaste.
  • Other non flammable and non alcohol based liquids, pastes & gels for use on holiday.

Flammable liquids such as nail varnish, perfume, aftershave, liquid deodorant and aerosols are not permitted. If these items are included in your luggage it may be returned to you.

Whilst non alcohol based liquids are permitted, damage caused by leakage is not covered by complimentary cover and therefore only small amounts should be sent. If an x-ray shows liquids of any type security may stop your bag for inspection.

A maximum of 1 lithium battery is permitted per shipment when it is contained within a working personal electronic device such as a mobile phone. Review our battery policy.

The following items are prohibited at all times:

  • Aerosols or any other pressurised containers;
  • Alcohol based or Flammable Liquids, Pastes and Gels of any type including, but not limited to, nail varnish, perfume & aftershave;
  • Toner Cartridges;
  • Loose Batteries & Power Banks;
  • No more than ONE device containing a lithium battery in line with our battery policy OR when shipping to / from Australia or China, NO device containing any type of battery;
  • Animals and Animal products;
  • Firearms and firearm parts, ammunition, explosives, weapons (including imitations of same);
  • Flowers and plant products;
  • Human remains or ashes;
  • Medical samples;
  • Items that require a temperature controlled environment;
  • Pornography;
  • Prescription drugs and pharmaceutical products;
  • Tobacco;
  • Religious Artefacts
  • Foodstuffs, perishable, animal origin and controlled food articles and beverages including, but not limited to: Fruit & vegetables, dairy products (including dried products containing dairy such as protein powder), meat, fish, nuts, seeds, wine, beer, spirits and champagne; or
  • Packages that are wet, leaking or emit an odour of any kind;
  • Valuables and high value items including but not limited to antiques, paintings, jewellery, precious stones and electrical equipment (low value electrical equipment is permitted but sent at the owner's risk);
  • Cash or other forms of tradeable currency;
  • Credit cards;
  • Passports or other confidential personal documentation;
  • Irreplaceable items;
  • Other Dangerous / hazardous goods;
  • Counterfeit goods;
  • Other illegal or restricted goods.

More information is available under section 11 of our terms of service.

In addition to the above when sending to Ireland we prohibit the sending of:

  • Antiques;
  • Banderols/Tax Stickers;
  • Bullion;
  • Furs;
  • Human Remains;
  • Imitations Firearms;
  • Precious Metals & Stones;
  • Single use plastics including cutlery, plates, straws, cotton bud sticks, and food containers and cups made of polystyrene.

Items excluded from cover

The following items will be accepted but are sent at your risk and are not included under complimentary cover:

  • Electrical Items, including but not limited to; Tablets, Mobile Phones, Computers, Hi-Fis, TVs.
  • Glass & Porcelain.
  • Any other non standard excess baggage items.

If you choose to send any of the above please ensure you package the item appropriately, for example a TV inside a suitcase is not appropriate.

About Ireland

Ireland is part of the EU, its currency is the Euro and its main language is English, but you can still hear some Irish and of course the famous Irish accent. The weather in Ireland is similar to that of the United Kingdom. As Ireland is such a small island set against the Atlantic Ocean, sometimes the weather isn’t favourable, but that doesn’t make a visit any less enjoyable. And when it’s cold in winter there are plenty of ways you can keep warm!

A couple of things Ireland is famous for are Guinness and Whisky, and there is no better place to enjoy these than in the capital city of Dublin. A lively and intriguing city, there is a wealth of history to enjoy here along with a vibrant and entertaining nightlife, perfect for a city break. Then, of course, you have Ireland’s famous oysters. To enjoy these, head to the coast of Galway for the Irish Oyster Festival!

If you like being in the great outdoors, then you will love Ireland with its dramatic landscapes that can be explored on foot or by bike. You can also take part in water sports and rock climbing, to name just a few of the many outdoor activities on offer. You must also visit some of the natural wonders of Ireland, including the Cliffs of Moher and the Ring of Kerry.

If delving into history is more your thing, you won’t be disappointed with Ireland; it may have had a bloody past, but that just adds to its character. This beautiful land has been fought over for many years. Look into its intriguing history by visiting one of its many museums, cathedrals and castles, including Kilkenny Castle, Blarney Castle (don’t forget to kiss the Blarney Stone) and Slane Castle.

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