Top Ten Reasons to Move to France

Monday, 12 Dec 2016

Top 10 France

Send My Bag has put together what it believes are the top ten reasons to move to France. France has long been an attractive destination for expats, especially those from the UK. So what is it that has persuaded over 171,000 Britons to move to France?

  1. The Food. We have to start with one of the most obvious reasons to move to France – the food. France is synonymous with excellent cuisine and fine dining. This is demonstrated in the fact that the Michelin Guide for France 2016 listed a massive 600 restaurants that had been awarded Michelin stars. Home cooking is also first-rate in France, with home cooks having access to great fresh local ingredients. France has produced some classic dishes that are enjoyed the world over, including boeuf bourguignon, coq au vin and quiche Lorraine, to name but a few.
  2. Fewer Working Hours. In France the typical working week has been reduced to 35 hours, which is five hours less than in the UK. This means much more time to spend resting and enjoying leisure activities.
  3. Longer Breaks. As well as shorter working hours, the French tend to take longer breaks during their working day. Lunch breaks, for example, can last up to two hours. Unlike in the UK, shop workers tend to have Sundays off like everyone else, as a lot of stores close on this day. In addition, workers typically enjoy 5 weeks’ paid holiday each year, plus 13 bank holidays ? a great reason to move to France!
  4. Importance of Family. Sundays off and plentiful holidays lend themselves to a culture that is very family orientated. This means lots of time spent with family over home-cooked meals, at restaurants and cafes, or just taking a walk together.
  5. Cheap Wine. France produces some of the best wines in the world, but wine is much cheaper to buy in France than in the UK. Despite the ready availability of wine, the French epitomise responsible drinking. Wine is enjoyed regularly, but this is normally with meals and it rarely descends into binge drinking.
  6. Affordable Education. In contrast to the staggeringly-high tuition fees that students in the UK and USA have to pay, higher education students in France only have to pay a nominal fee of around 181 euro a year for their undergraduate university education. There are also a number of scholarships available for international students.
  7. Good Transport Links. Expats deciding to settle in France will appreciate the many transport links available ? from numerous international airports, to high speed trains connecting France to other European cities, and efficient tram, subway and bus networks within French cities.
  8. Paris. France has one of the most fascinating capital cities in the world ? Paris, to which over 32 million tourists flock each year. This is a city full of art, culture, fantastic architecture, beautiful green spaces and some of the best restaurants in the world. Not only is the city centre full of sites and attractions to fill a couple of weeks, but there are also plenty of excellent day trips from Paris to ensure you never get bored.
  9. The Provinces. Outside of Paris, France has many more beautiful cities, such as Dijon, Nice, Bordeaux and Lyon, each with their own distinctive characters. France also boasts gorgeous countryside across many different types of terrain, from mountain ranges, to rugged coastline, to vineyards and sandy beaches, thus catering for a wide range of outdoor pursuits.
  10. The Climate. Overall, France has a mild climate with few extremes, but head to the south of France and you can enjoy a wonderful Mediterranean climate, with temperatures rarely dropping below 8°C in winter, and reaching a pleasant 24°C, on average, in July and August.

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If we have persuaded you with our reasons to move to France and you are thinking of a buying a home in France, you should read our advice on buying a house abroad before you take the plunge.

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