A Cheap Way to Ship Clothes

Friday, 22 Feb 2019

Ship Clothes

One of the cheapest ways of shipping large amounts of clothing is to use Send My Bag. This way you can send parcels, boxes or suitcases full of clothing to your destination. This is a very handy option when moving house, when moving abroad, or when travelling away for extended periods of time, such as on a gap year or when studying abroad.

Why Ship Clothes with Send My Bag?

Thousands of people ship clothes cross country or internationally with Send My Bag every year - and here’s why:

  • With Send My Bag you can send a large number of clothes (up to 30 kg/ 66 lbs) for a flat rate.
  • Used clothing is considered by most countries to be personal effects, which means you typically get to enjoy a generous duty-free allowance when shipping clothes abroad.
  • You can dramatically reduce the cost of moving house or moving overseas by shipping your clothes. Just two 30 kg/ 66 lb suitcases could allow you to ship your entire closet.
  • You can have your clothes and other belongings waiting for you at your hotel when you go on vacation or on an extended trip.
  • You can avoid the high costs of college storage and keep all your outfits together by simply shipping your clothes home at the end of semester.
  • Booking your clothes shipment is simple – we will guide you every step of the way.

Find out more on our ‘How it Works’ page.

Which Container to Use When Shipping Clothes

It is best to package your clothing in either sturdy, double-walled cardboard boxes or suitcases. We do not accept flimsy packaging such as laundry bags or bin liners, as these are likely to be damaged in transit.

How to Pack Clothing for Shipping

Cheapest Way to Ship Clothes

As most clothing is not fragile, it is a great candidate for shipping. Nevertheless, care should still be taken to ensure your clothes arrive in the best condition possible.

  • Ideally clothes should be washed before shipping to avoid any unwelcome odours or to stop dirty clothes mixing in with clean ones.
  • Clothes should be either neatly folded or rolled to minimise creasing.
  • If clothes have delicate parts, such as buttons or embellishments, these should be folded inwards so that the rest of the garment acts as protection.
  • One type of clothing that is susceptible to damage is footwear. Shoes can become dented and heels can break if not appropriately packaged. Protect footwear from knocks by wrapping them in bubble wrap, newspaper or just other items of soft clothing. Place shoes towards the centre of your container, surrounded by soft clothing at the edges.
  • Don’t under-pack your box or suitcases. If packed with too few items, your clothes will rattle around and become creased.
  • Also don’t over-pack your container, otherwise it will be susceptible to burst open during transit.

Using Clothing as Padding for Other Items

While we don’t recommend sending fragile items, you can use clothing to pad out your container and protect more delicate items, such as books or DVDs, from getting knocked during transit.

What You Need to Know About Customs When Shipping Clothes

Shipping Clothes as Personal Effects

Used clothing is classed as personal effects, with most countries offering a generous duty-free allowance for such items. This means that most shipments of used clothing will not incur any customs taxes or duties. It is advised, however, that you check with your destination to determine whether your shipment will incur any taxes.

You will need to complete a non-generic packing list online to demonstrate that what you are sending is personal effects. Note that some countries also require proof that you are travelling at the same time as your shipment. Please read your baggage destination page to find out more.

Shipping Brand-New Clothes

If shipping brand-new clothes, such as clothes you have purchase while on vacation, you need to be aware of any customs taxes and duties you may be required to pay. It is best to check with your destination to find out what your duty-free allowance is, and how much tax you would be required to pay on brand-new items over that value. You can find more information on our customs page.

Shipping Clothing as Gifts

If you would like to send clothing as a gift to a friend living overseas, or you would like to ship a care package to a family member working or studying abroad, you will probably not be able to declare such items as personal effects. Depending on the destination, you may, therefore, be required to pay duties or taxes on your shipment. It is important that you check with the destination country’s customs authority prior to placing your order to ensure you understand what charges, if any, may be applied.

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