What Country Should I Live In?

Monday, 27 Nov 2017

What Country Should I Live In?

When asking yourself: ‘what country should I live in?’, why not consider the wonders of the UK, Germany and Japan? These countries join Switzerland and Canada in the US News top 5 of the best countries to live in. This week Send My Bag takes a look why it thinks the UK, Germany and Japan really are countries you should live in.

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What Country Should I Live In? The UK!

(No. 3 in the US News rankings)

What country should I live in

What makes the UK great:

1. Changing Accents

Travel a mere 35 miles down the road in the UK and you could hear the accent change dramatically. A classic example is the distinct change of accent when travelling from Manchester to Liverpool, especially if you come across a thick Scouse accent. This symphony of different accents makes the UK a very interesting place!

2. The Distinctive Pronunciation of Place Names

The pronunciation of certain UK place names is the source of consternation for many visitors, including fellow English-speaking Americans for whom the pronunciation of Leicester, Bicester and Worcestershire goes against all notions of common sense. But the Brits are very proud of their unique take on the English language.

3. The Full English Breakfast

No breakfast compares to the almighty full English. It’s the best hangover cure around and is a great-value meal as it normally provides enough food to keep you ‘full’ all day.

4. Talking About the Weather

This is such a cliché but it is so true – the Brits are always talking about the weather. This is great because you always have some small talk to hand. Plus, everyone does it, so you don’t need to worry about coming across as boring.

5. Pubs

There is something about a British pub that just isn’t replicated anywhere else in the world (except maybe Ireland). It is a place to get a great slap-up meal, to get together with friends for a rowdy night out or for a quiet mid-week pint. It is great for families during the day and couples and groups of friends at night – the perfect venue for all occasions.


What Country Should I Live In? Germany!

(No. 4 in the US News rankings)

What country should I live in?

What makes Germany great:

1. Ritter Sport 

Switzerland has Lindt. Germany has Ritter Sport ? a big slab of chocolate that is the perfect antidote to a stressful day. Ritter Sport comes in some amazing flavours, including our favourite ? strawberry yoghurt flavour.

2. The ICE

That’s the InterCity Express train network that runs all over Germany. This high-speed train will get you between major cities in Germany and in other European countries in next to no time, making the large country of Germany and its neighbouring countries highly accessible to anyone living there. It is the epitome of German efficiency.

3. Glühwein (Mulled Wine)

Head to one of Germany’s many Christmas markets and you would be mad not to have a mug of Glühwein to keep you warm and to get you in the Christmas spirit. The cute thing about mulled wine at German Christmas markets is that it is served in characterful souvenir mugs that you can take home with you.

4. Brezel (Pretzels)

We’re not talking about the small hard biscuit-like pretzels you find in supermarkets but the deliciously soft, doughy, salty treats that can be picked up at any number of Brezel stands found throughout German cities.

5. Compound Nouns

You have got to love the German language for its use of compound nouns that combine a number of different words to form a new word with a particular meaning. For example, rather than saying ‘orange juice’, they say ‘orangejuice’ – ‘Orangensaft’. Fair enough, but it becomes quite amusing when you come across constructions such as ‘Rechtsschutzversicherungsgesellschaften’ (insurance companies that offer legal protection).


What Country Should I Live In? Japan

(No. 5 in the US News rankings)

What country should I live in?

What makes Japan great:

1. Heated Toilet Seats

Nowhere have heated toilet seats been adopted like in Japan. What’s not to love about making that little bit of you-time so much more comfortable!?

2. Stunning Cherry Blossom

The cherry blossom trees are a sight to behold in Japan in the spring time. The floral displays are so significant that cherry blossom festivals (or hanami) are held every year.

3. Okonomiyaki

This dish has been described as a Japanese pizza, or a savoury pancake ? so what’s not to love!? It comes with toppings of your choice – giving the dish its name, which means ‘what you like, grilled’.

4. Beautiful Autumn Colour

Not only does Japan enjoy stunning spring displays provided by its many cherry blossom trees, but it also revels in amazing autumn colour. The best colour displays are provided by the maple/ acer trees that Japan has in abundance, and which turn an incredible deep red or orange colour.

5. Weird and Wonderful Vending Machines

These aren’t just snack and drinks machine such as you would find in any country. These are vending machines that provide almost any product imaginable at the touch of a button. We’re talking bananas, hamburgers, noodles, surgical masks… and the list goes on.

If you decide to make the move to the UK, Germany or Japan, remember the convenience of sending your luggage to your new home with Send My Bag. It allows you to settle in quickly and get on with exploring the most important things about a new country, like local food and linguistic idiosyncrasies! Make sure you keep in mind our top reasons why the UK, Germany and Japan are great places to live the next time you ask yourself, ‘what country should I live in?’

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