What is the 'Declared Value for Customs'?

The declared value is used by customs authorities to assess whether the goods shipped conform to their regulations for duty free clearance as used personal effects, and that the value declared does not suggest the items are new and being imported for resale, or any other reason than for personal use.

Only used personal goods will be considered for duty free clearance, not new items, therefore your declared value should reflect the estimated used resale value of the contents of your bag, not a replacement value or price of the items when new. For example a toothbrush would have a resale value of a few pence or cents, and a used shirt may be valued at a few pounds or dollars. Typically a suitcase of used clothing will have a used resale value of under £100 / $150.

Most countries including the UK and USA offer a generous tax and duty free allowance for returning residents, holiday makers and settlers who send unaccompanied baggage containing used personal clothing and personal effects. The exact limits for each country vary greatly and are subject to change, therefore Send My Bag cannot guarantee all shipments under a specific value will clear duty free, however we may limit the maximum declared value you can enter, or display a warning advising you not to exceed a certain value on specific routes in order to avoid or reduce the possibility of incurring duty and taxes. We do advise checking with the relevant customs authority to confirm their exact value limits if you are unsure.

If your shipment is assessed as not complying with the regulations for duty free entry, it will be the responsibility of the recipient to complete any clearance procedures, and pay any duties, taxes or charges. If you send new or commercial items import duties and taxes may be due as standard.

More information on international customs is also available under our FAQ: Do International Customs Affect Me?

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