Why is my shipment still in customs?

The time taken for customs clearance varies from country to country and the average time from our historical records for customs to release a shipment after it is stopped, can be found in our destinations pages.

If your shipment has been on hold longer than our recorded average, there may be several reasons for this including missing or incomplete paperwork, customs needing to contact the receiver to confirm further details, the general volume of shipments being processed through customs causing a delay, customs needing to physically inspect the shipment, or the shipment being on hold pending payment of any duty, taxes, or customs storage or handling fees.

Send My Bag monitors all shipments going through customs clearance and will keep you updated, however if you have concerns about the amount of time your shipment has been in clearance, or you have been contacted directly by customs or our courier partner for additional information, please contact the Send My Bag team who will assist you further.

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