British Travellers Urged To Return To The UK

Monday, 23 Mar 2020

British Travellers Urged To Return To The UK

British travellers who are normally based in the UK are urged to travel home while they still can.

The FCO (Foreign and Commonwealth Office) updated its exceptional travel advisory notice to advise all British tourists and short-stay travellers who are currently abroad to return to the UK where flight options are still available. The advice is not aimed at those who normally reside abroad. British citizens who normally reside abroad should continue to follow the advice of the local authorities in their host country.

The new advice has been put in place to limit British travellers’ exposure to coronavirus (COVID-19) and follows the advice issued last week advising against all but essential travel.

The FCO advise that international travel is becoming increasingly limited with the closure of air routes, land borders and domestic routes restrictions introduced daily.

British tourists are strongly urged to contact their tour operator or airline to arrange a commercial flight back to the UK and if consular advice if required to use the online for the latest in-country advice as consular services are experiencing high demand.

In recent weeks, we’ve seen similar advice issued from the USA, Australia and Ireland who are all advising citizens to return home while they still can.

If you’re British traveller currently abroad and are making urgent travel plans to return to the UK, remember you can send your luggage ahead so that you can focus on getting home safely.

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