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Can You Ship Your Luggage Internationally?

Yes, you can ship your luggage internationally with Send My Bag. Our service is not just for students going to college or university within their home country. Send My Bag has a vast international network that allows vacationers, world travellers and adventurers moving abroad to send their luggage and personal effects internationally. We send suitcases, bags, boxes and parcels all over the world.

What International Destinations Can You Ship To?

Send My Bag sends luggage to over 165 international destinations. With thousands of routes available, you are bound to find the destination you are looking for. We ship to and from all (habitable!) continents and even deliver to many island nations. Luggage can be sent to a home address, business address or hotel, as long as there is someone available to sign for it.

Why Ship Luggage Abroad?

Ship luggage internationally to:

Help you move abroad

Move to university or college in another country

Take an extended trip

Send a care package to a loved one.

Cheap International Luggage Shipping

Looking for affordable luggage shipping? Send My Bag can offer you the best rates. In fact, we guarantee that we won’t be beaten on price for international luggage shipping. Send a 30 kg suitcase from the UK to the US for only £99, or a 15 kg box from Australia to Hong Kong for AU$184. Enter your destination to get a quote for your luggage shipping needs.

Sending Bags Abroad to University or College

Send My Bag has its roots in student luggage shipping. This is where we began – shipping student luggage all over the world, to dorm rooms in the US, halls of residence in the UK, and many other types of student accommodation worldwide. Today we ship luggage for thousands of students, helping them move to and from university or college every semester.

Shipping luggage to college or university is a great alternative to college storage, as you get to keep your personal possessions with you wherever you go and you can avoid paying the high cost of leaving your items in storage for too long!

Students get the added benefit of a student discount on the cost of their shipment. Find out more about our student removals service.

Moving Abroad? Shipping Overseas Can Really Help

Wondering how on earth you are going to get all your destinations to your new home abroad? Reluctant to leave your beloved possessions behind? Then send your luggage ahead with Send My Bag. This means you won’t have to abide by your airline’s baggage allowance, nor suffer the embarrassment of being charged excess baggage fees. Plus, you won’t need to bring someone else with you to help you carry your bags. Instead you can travel luggage-free and hop onto public transport without a second thought. 

Benefits of Shipping Overseas with Send My Bag

Travel luggage-free

Avoid excess baggage fees

Ship as much luggage as you want

Move abroad using public transport only

Receive customs help and advice

Use our sturdy address label holders

Receive complimentary cover

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