How long will it take for my bag to arrive?

After entering your postal or zip codes on our pricing page, our system will generate an estimated transit time* based on information provided by our courier partners and our own historical bookings. Without postal or zip codes being provided, the estimated transit time shown will be based on capital to capital.

During booking, once a collection date has been selected in step 3, an estimated delivery date will also be displayed. All delivery dates are estimates, and whilst typically 95% of Send My Bag standard services and 99.5% of express services arrive on the estimated delivery date, we advise that you do not wait in for a delivery until you have received an email notification confirming your shipment is out for delivery.

Should you be travelling on a route were your shipment must pass through customs, the destinations page for your destination country will show the average time that customs may take to process and release your shipment.

*Estimated transit times are displayed in working days and do not include weekends or bank holidays.

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